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Building with cardboard boxes :: Industrial packing

Building with cardboard boxes

How to Build a Playhouse With Spare Cardboard Boxes
October 9, 2019 – 06:23 am

Like the original Wendy House prop in the stage play, this one is easy and quick to erect.

You Will Need

  • Corrugated cardboard in a variety of sizes. While you don’t need a major appliance box, try to find some fairly large pieces (or boxes that flatten out large).
  • Cardboard tubes. These are useful for adding strength. Look for something stronger than a paper towel or gift-wrap tube (suggestions below). If you can’t find them, you can make rolls from some of the other flat cardboard.
  • Cutting knife or box cutter such as a Stanley knife.Cardboard playhouse: learn how to make a playhouse of any size, using nothing more than recycled cardboard and some tape. Make sure it’s robust and sharp. Caution: only adults should handle the knife and do the cutting.
  • Tape. It’s good to match the color of your cardboard if possible. I’d recommend a good-quality packing tape or tape that you might repair a pipe with.
  • Marker pens to start your children off with the decoration.
  • Pens, pencils, paints, sticky notes, etc. Anything else that you might use for decoration. Glitter? I’d avoid that, I’m still picking bits out of the carpet from a previous project.

child in cardboard housePreparation Time

The only real preparation required is to find enough cardboard and tubes to make your house. It all comes down to the speed of the scavenging!

Activity Time

It’ll take about an hour to assemble your house. Thereafter the decoration and play is endless.

child in boxLocation

Anywhere you like, as long as it’s dry. You’ll need a bit of space depending on the size of house you create. If you make your cardboard house indoors, intending to take it outside when it’s complete, bear in mind the width of the doors to your house (the real one)! The playhouse may not fit through.

So gather your equipment, clear some floor space and let’s get going. First, you need to find cardboard, and lots of it!

#1: Scavenge for Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is the ideal material for your fort. It’s easy to cut, fold, stick, draw on and decorate. Cardboard is also free (or very cheap) and readily available. Using cardboard to make a playhouse is a great way to recycle.

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computer boxes boxes at costco variety of cardboard recycle bin
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Popular Q&A
Paper Build A Cardboard Box

Now, take the item off the cardboard and flip the cardboard over onto its other side. Fold along the cut lines and see how easily and perfectly it bends and forms the four corners of the box!
Place the item inside the box and fold shut. I wait to tape after I fix the sides, but for your first box it can be easier to tape the box now, where the edges meet from top to bottom.

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