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Cardboard Storage boxes :: Industrial packing

Cardboard Storage boxes

Choosing the Right Boxes for Storage and Organizing
June 16, 2015 – 12:40 pm

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If you have the option of climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled, and you plan on storing items in cardboard boxes, always take the climate-controlled option. What this does is maintain the level of humidity and temperature so your cardboard boxes will not be as affected by outside conditions.

If you are storing items in a shed, attic or garage, then you really need to be aware of what is being stored and what kind of box you are storing items in. Are you storing on a concrete slab? Wooden flooring in an attic? Brick flooring in a shed? Each of these can be disastrous for cardboard boxes.

Concrete slabs, if not sealed properly, will seep moisture, and if you have a cardboard box on the ground, it will then absorb the moisture and get the items in the box wet. If this happens, your items have not only become ruined, but there is now a chance of mildew or mold growing in the box. If you have chosen to stack cardboard boxes in this situation, the bottom box walls have now become even more compromised and there is a chance of the stack falling.

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