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Cardboard box Halloween Costumes :: Industrial packing

Cardboard box Halloween Costumes

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October 3, 2016 – 11:08 pm

These Cardboard Box Halloween Costumes are so imaginative, fun and cheap to make!Have you started thinking about Halloween costumes yet? Reed cannot make up his mind! First, he wanted to be Dancing Groot. Then he wanted to be a volcano. That’s a big difference! But do you know what these two costumes have in common? I could make them both out of cardboard boxes! Kids always love playing with boxes more than the toys inside. These Cardboard Box Halloween Costumes are so imaginative, fun and cheap to make! And that are no sew!!

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To access the specific blog post for instructions, click on the title link below each picture in the gallery!

Cardboard Dinosaur

Hopefully these Cardboard Box Halloween Costumes got you thinking outside of the box! Or maybe inside the box – depending on how you look at it! I challenge you all to come up with a Cardboard Box Halloween Costume idea and post to my Facebook page! Let the world see your creativity!

IMG_3007copy Cardboard Dinosaur
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