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Cheap cardboard boxes UK

Baby girl found in cardboard box in Northamptonshire
May 5, 2015 – 11:29 am

Newborn's feetPolice are urging the baby’s mother to come forward. Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA

A baby girl thought to be less than a month old has been found in a cardboard box left outside a house in Northamptonshire.

The infant, wrapped in a blue blanket, was discovered at about 9am by a member of the public who heard a noise coming from the box.

Police said the child, found in Ibsen Walk, Corby, appears to be in good health and is being cared for at Kettering general hospital.

The baby has dark hair and is believed to be between one and four weeks old.

Officers urgently need to trace the baby’s mother and have appealed for her to come forward amid concern for her welfare.

Northamptonshire police Det Supt Steven Lingley said: “For me, it’s really important that urgently we trace the baby’s mother.


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Is cereal really made out of cardboard box? | Yahoo Answers

No, it is not.
You may have heard that phrase used by older folks because many years ago cereals did not contain as many vitamins and minerals as they do now. So people starting saying there was more nutrition in the cardboard box than there was in the cereal.
Other people may use that phrase to describe cereal that is not sweetened and they do not like the taste of. Some people may say this about bland cereals such as shredded wheat or Kix.
Anyway - no food is made from cardboard. They are made from grains like wheat, corn and oats with flavors and sweeteners to make them taste better.

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Take the gasket or the intake to a good auto supply store and try to match a gasket that is close. You may have to hog out the bolt holes to make it fit, just be sure the intake is not restricted by the gasket.

What is the purpose of having cereal in plastic bags inside the cardboard box?

While I can't find an official reason for the plastic bag liners being in boxes of cereal, the most obvious reasons are because small particles of cereal can fall out of the open spaces in the box flaps, as well as freshness - if you need an example of this, take a box of cereal, open the bag, and don't roll it up before closing the box. The cereal will become stale.

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