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Very small cardboard boxes :: Industrial packing

Very small cardboard boxes

Whisker+Box: The Discerning Cat’s Answer to the Cardboard Box
September 8, 2021 – 08:15 am

WhiskerBox2Every cat loves a cardboard box, but you may not love the look of trash cluttering up your house. Well, here’s a stylish solution that will make everyone happy! Introducing Whisker+Box, an attractive alternative to the cardboard box cat bed!

They sent us one to check out and the moment I opened the package, I knew this was going to be a big hit. I’m actually pretty excited about this product! The quality of the construction is outstanding, it feels like a fine piece of luggage, which helps make it even more attractive to cat, I think. This is a brilliant use of materials. The heavy duty coated cotton canvas exterior is durable and easy to wipe clean, and the thick eco-felt core gives the box just the right amount of stability, but it’s still flexible enough for cats to get comfy inside.

The box is small, creating the compressed feeling that cats like.WhiskerBox1 In the photos above, Ando is about 15 lbs and Simba and Andy are each about 10 lbs so you can see it’s quite versatile. I love the way it snaps together, very easy to flatten out for cleaning, storage, or travel.

Whisker+Box comes in blue, black or gray canvas with orange or black snaps. They are made in the USA and a portion of the proceeds from each sale goes to support local animal rescue in the company’s hometown of Brooklyn, NY. Available from or from the Hauspanther online shop.

WhiskerBox3 WhiskerBox4
Italdesign Gift Boxes (6 Pack) - Premium Italian Stylish Design and Quality - (9.45x3.74x5.91 Inches V240 Gold) - Strong Cardboard - Easily Foldable - Eco Friendly - 100% Right to Return
Home (JGB Online Retail)
  • GREAT DESIGN: Distinctive design and colors, premium quality will make your present very special
  • EASY TO HANDLE: Easy and quick to fold so you save time and therefore money
  • PERFECT SIZE: The ideal size for smaller gifts
  • TOP QUALITY: Strong cardboard and stable finish, can be reused several times
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Environmentally friendly, easy to recycle, stack and store in a space-saving way
Coin Roll Box for 20 Rolls or Tubes of SMALL DOLLARS
Office Product
  • This bank color-coded box will hold 20 coin rolls or tubes of small dollars
  • The exterior measures approximately 6 x 7 x 2.25 when closed
  • Each order is for a box and lid
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