Where do you Get cardboard boxes?

Man fills up cardboard boxes with dog poop to get back at thieves
July 1, 2015 – 09:26 am

Man Fills Up Cardboard Boxes With Dog Poop To Get Back At ThievesThat's what Keith Brown thought to himself the day a package containing two phone cases he ordered disappeared from the porch of his Hamilton Avenue home.

"Unless you catch them red-handed, " said Brown, "There's absolutely nothing you can do. And I was like ... there's something you can do."

So Brown packaged the "contents" up in decoy boxes and left them out for would-be thieves. A short time later, the boxes were gone, leaving the crooks with a smelly surprise.

"I packed it, " said Brown, "So if they stuck their hand in there, they were gonna get it."

But all jokes aside, mail theft is no laughing matter. It's a felony offense, punishable by up to five years in prison and additional fines. Local authorities recommend delivering and picking up your mail in person if possible, asking a neighbor to watch out for parcels if you know you won't be home, and having your items shipped to a retailer directly for you to pick up there. But above all else, when you see a package outside your door meant for you – take it inside immediately.

Source: www.aol.com
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