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Best Tape for packing boxes :: Industrial packing

Best Tape for packing boxes

The best way to fold and tape a moving box
July 9, 2018 – 03:54 am

Moving boxBy Andrew Sutherland

Throughout moving history people have asked the question, “How should I fold and tape my moving boxes?”. No one wants the added stress of a box that bottoms out so we decided to bring our box to the gym and put it to the test – box boot camp! Find out if the complicated fold does more than the simple fold and how much tape do you actually need to guarantee a secure close?

1. Complicated fold with no tape

First we tested the complicated fold with no tape. We found that it would hold up to 5lbs before opening. This work great if you’re moving a bunch of Kleenex, but other than that – you should probably use tape.

2. Complicated fold with one strip of tape

Moving box

For our second test we folded the box like number 1 and included one strip of packing tape. We started with 10lbs, then 20lbs, all the way until 140lbs, at which point I couldn’t properly lift the box. Who would have thought one piece of tape could make that much difference!

3. Simple fold with one strip of tape

So how does a simple fold compare to the more complicated fold, with only one strip of tape?

To our surprise there was NO difference between the complicated fold with one strip of tape and the simple fold with one strip of tape. Both methods were tested with 140lbs of weights packed inside them. In other words don’t bother spending time folding the box into itself and take it easy on the tape. Now you know!

Andrew Sutherland is PR Manager for You Move Me and 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. He has moved 4 times in the past 2 years and wishes this blog had been around to help him out. Andrew is a mountain man in training who appreciates an awesome view, a good story and efficient packing. Connect with Andrew on

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