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About Shrink Film Differences, Terms, Uses, and More!
June 24, 2017 – 12:40 pm

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Shrink Film- a material made up of polymer plastic film. When heat is applied it shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering. There are a variety of uses for Shrink wrap and shrink film. Some common uses of shrink wrap are for wrapping food, gift baskets, boxes, toys, books, soaps, etc. Below is a breakdown of the two most commonly used types of shrink wrap

Computer Wrapped with PVC shrink wrapPVC Shrink Film- A type of shrink wrap used for a variety of applications. The PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride is the third most produced plastic in the world. PVC shrink wrap was the most commonly used shrink film, until replaced several years ago by polyolefin (POF) shrink wrap.

Common Uses of PVC Shrink Film- PVC shrink wrap uses include: packaging boxes, CD and DVD packaging, software, small canisters, and other non-edible items. PVC Shrink film is also works very well with automated machines.

Drawbacks of PVC Shrink Film- Sealing Strength, storage issues, and sealing by-products are common drawbacks of PVC Shrink Wrap.Shrink Wrap Heat Gun The plasticizer in PVC Shrink wrap hardens in cold conditions and softens under hot conditions, therefore compromising the strength of the seal and the plastic. PVC shrink wrap also releases small quantities of hydrogen Chloride into the air and carbon deposits onto the sealer. Proper ventilation is required when sealing PVC shrink wrap.

Polyolefin Shrink Film - A type of shrink wrap that has become the preferred choice for packaging products both edible and non-edible. Polyolefin Shrink wrap is preferred for a variety of reasons including: fewer odors when sealed, stronger seal, and more flexible storage. Polyolefin shrink films do not have any chlorine; therefore they do not produce hydrogen chloride gas. Polyolefin shrink wrap does not have any plasticizers, so temperature is not an issue. Polyolefin can be stored in a wide range of temperatures and does not harden and soften in different environments like PVC shrink film.

Common Uses of Polyolefin Shrink Film- Polyolefin shrink film is used for almost every kind of application. Applications include: toys, sporting goods, printed wrap, foods, stationary and cards just to name a few.

Shrink Wrap Impulse Sealer Shrink Wrap L-Bar Sealer Shrink Wrap Shrink Tunnel
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Intertape HG2032000-RT Stretch-Flex Stretch Film Wrap with Extended Core Handles, 20-Inches x 1000-Feet
Home Improvement (Intertape)
  • Extended core handles make wrapping pallets easier
  • Clear Design makes it easy to view pallet or bundle contents
  • Secure pallet loads and more
  • Wrap measures 20 inches by 1 feet
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Henkel Duck Brand HP260 High Performance 3.1 Mil Packaging Tape with Dispenser, 1.88-Inch x 60-Yard, Crystal Clear, Single Roll (393186)
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  • High-performance tape features aggressive acrylic adhesive superior for temperature ranges.
  • Seals cartons for shipping and storage plus protects labels.
  • Crystal clear.
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Shurtech Brands LLC Duck Brand Stretch Wrap, 20 Inches Wide x 1000 Feet Long, Single Roll (970700)
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  • Heavy 0.63mil plastic film sticks only to itself, not to objects
  • Stretch wrap roll comes with two convenient handles for easy application
  • Also perfect for keeping desk, furniture or file cabinet drawers closed in transit without taping
  • 20-inches by 1-feet
Pratt Industries, Inc Pratt Plus ST.I-15V.20 Polyethylene Standard Bundling Cast Stretch Wrap, 2000' Length x 15" Width x 8.1 microns Thick, Clear
BISS (Pratt Industries, Inc)
  • Standard bundling cast stretch wrap roll
  • Designed as a high performance and environmentally sensitive hand film for maximum unitization
  • Torque s ultra thin gauge reduces packaging material consumption and costs while its folded edges provide added strength and reduced tearing
  • Available in clear color
  • Measures 2-feet length by 15-inches width by 8.1 microns thick
Shurtape Shurtape HP-200C Production-Grade Colored Packaging Tape: 2 in. x 110 yds. (Blue)
Office Product (Shurtape)
  • Core: 3 diameter
  • Backing/Carrier: 30 micron biaxially-oriented, cast polypropylene (BOPP) film
  • Adhesive: synthetic rubber-resin
  • Thickness: 1.9 mils (carrier, adhesive)
  • Adhesion: 44 ounces per inch (to stainless steel)
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