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December 21, 2017 – 01:12 pm

To properly secure your items within any box, packing paper must be used to ensure their safety during transport. There are two main types of paper which are typically used to pack most homes.

Regular Packing Paper
This paper is used mainly for kitchen packing. When placing dishes inside of a dishpack box, you can expect to use a generous amount of this type of packing paper.

Padded Packing Paper Is a bit less common and a little more expensive. This paper is thicker than the regular stuff, but protects heavy fragile items a little bit better. Padded paper is used to wrap up heavy glass items, smaller statues, pictures, televisions, and much more.

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  • Roll of butcher paper can be used to wrap meat, fish, or other foods, wrap fragile objects for packing, or make arts and crafts
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  • Paper has been bleached for whiteness
  • Measures 720 ft. long and 24 wide
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