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Bob The Builder Birthday Party Ideas
March 7, 2022 – 08:29 am

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Bob The Builder/Construction Printables

Bob The Builder Decorations

Bob the Builder is all about building so make sure you have lots of blocks around. You could create some building blocks out of cardboard boxes ( paint them to look like big bricks if you like - shoeboxes are a great size for bricks ), also have lots of lego around ( build some structures before the party that the kids can tear down and rebuild ). Use lots of yellow streamers ( or you could use yellow caution tape ) & balloons, hang some plastic tools from the ceiling, use plastic construction hats for each place setting. Have a sand box filled with lots of toys for digging. Get some orange construction fencing and block off a play area - or fence your unfenced yard . Get some orange cones & flashing lights to create a 'safe' construction area. Use clean/unused paint cans to hold your snack foods. Also, hang up some pictures of Bob & his friends ( you can print some out on our site ). You could also print out and enlarge some pictures of tools and hang them around the party area. Don't forget to decorate the party hosts - wear a construction hat & overalls - you could even carry a clipboard ( try to look like the boss - you are the foreman of the party ! )

To learn about Bob the Builder and his crew I found this great site with a description and picture of each character - !

Bob The Builder Cakes & Food

  • Use paint cans to hold foods like chips etc ( you can buy clean / unused ones at craft stores )
  • Serve all foods to the kids in lunchboxes or brown paper bags - after all - they're on the job !
  • Dizzy's Cement: Make vanilla shakes and add a few drops of black food coloring to make it a grayish color. Then tell the kids they are drinking cement!
  • Jell-O Construction hats - Take a new construction hat, pour in Jell-O and fruit and let it set.
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