Cardboard box Fire Engine

Fire Engine Craft
March 4, 2016 – 09:59 am

What a fantastic use for a cardboard box! All boys should have their own fire engine, and if they help to make it they will enjoy playing with it even more.

Fire Engine craft

A long cardboard box painted red makes a perfect fire engine (we used the box from a multipack of soft drink cans). We decorated ours by gluing drinking straws to the top to make the siren and a ladder.

Black card rectangles were glued on for the windows and front bumper, with black circles for the wheels and orange ones for the headlights. Silver rectangles were glued to each side to be the doors of the storage lockers. We cut out the letters to spell fire in white card and glued them backwards to the front of the engine. Finally we used a black pen to draw on the doors and the slats on the locker doors.

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Popular Q&A
What temperature does a cardboard box catch on fire?

At 1300 degrees C anything will burn. By moving it and using the friction from the cardboard box, you will create heat and eventually smoke.

How quickly does fire spread in a cardboard box? | Yahoo Answers

good for you! finally getting out on your own
your insurance will be cheaper if you get a fire extinguisher to go along with the smoke detector

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