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Cardboard box Manufacturers :: Industrial packing

Cardboard box Manufacturers

May 27, 2017 – 09:06 am

Corrugated Cardboard BoxesFrom basic storage boxes to multi-colored card stock, is available in an array of sizes and forms. A term for heavier paper-based products, cardboard can range in manufacturing method as well as aesthetic, and as a result can be found in vastly different applications. Because cardboard doesn’t refer to a specific material but rather a category of materials, it is helpful to consider it in terms of three separate groups: paperboard, corrugated fiberboard, and card stock.

Paperboard is typically 0.010 inches in thickness or less, and is essentially a thicker form of standard paper. The manufacturing process begins with pulping, the separation of wood (hardwood and sapwood) into individual fibers, as accomplished by mechanical methods or chemical treatment.

Mechanical pulping typically involves grinding the wood down using silicon carbide or aluminum oxide to break down the wood and separate fibers. Chemical pulping introduces a chemical component to the wood at high heat, which breaks down the fibers that bind cellulose together. There are approximately thirteen different kinds of mechanical and chemical pulping used in the U.S.
To make paperboard, bleached or unbleached kraft processes and semichecmical processes are the two types of pulping typically applied. Kraft processes achieve pulping by using a mixture of sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfate to separate the fibers that link cellulose. If the process is bleached, additional chemicals, such as surfactants and defoamers, are added to improve the efficiency and quality of the process. Other chemicals used during bleaching can literally bleach the dark pigment of the pulp, making it more desirable for certain applications.

Semichemical processes pre-treat wood with chemicals, such as sodium carbonate or sodium sulfate, then refine the wood using a mechanical process. The process is less intense than typical chemical processing because it doesn’t completely break down the fiber that binds cellulose, and can take place at lower temperatures and under less extreme conditions.

Once pulping has reduced wood to wood fibers, the resulting dilute pulp is spread out along a moving belt. Water is removed from the mixture by natural evaporation and a vacuum, and the fibers are then pressed for consolidation and to remove any excess moisture. After pressing, the pulp is stream-heated using rollers, and additional resin or starch is added as needed. A series of rollers called a calendar stack is then used to smooth and finish the final paperboard.

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Cardboard Boxes
Cardboard Boxes
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  • FastFold quick and easy assembly
  • Reinforced tear-resistant hand holes make box comfortable to carry
  • Deep, locking lift-off lid stays in place for secure file storage
  • Smooth rolled edges add strength and prevent paper cuts
Fellowes Bankers Box Stor/File Medium-Duty Storage Boxes with String & Button, Letter, 12 Pack (00704)
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  • FastFold® quick and easy assembly
  • Medium-duty stacking strength for use with or without shelving
  • Plastic handle for easy access to records
  • Medium duty box with double bottom, double end and 1-1/2 side construction
  • This box offers 30% greater stacking strength than other brands and is ideal for storage with or without shelving.
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  • Smooth rolled box edges add strength and help prevent paper cuts.
  • Size: 10 x 12 x 24  inch
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Professional Cardboard Box Carton Box Manufacturer In
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  • Karen Foster Design Established in 1998
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