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Hire & Buy Cardboard Boxes in Perth
April 1, 2024 – 07:39 am

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Free Delivery on Orders Over $65

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Our cardboard boxes are significantly cheaper than buying from removalists or packing supplies companies. We offer cheap and strong boxes, and we deliver straight to your door! So if you need moving boxes in Perth quickly, Hire a Box is what you need!


Why buy cardboard boxes when you can not only save a lot of money by hiring, but also not be stuck with the boxes once you are finished with them and also help save the environment. Hire cardboard boxes in Perth and save up to 30% off your moving cost!;


Give us a call and we can get the cardboard boxes in Perth to your doorstep today. Alternatively, order online with our simple order form for next day delivery;


Hire cardboard boxes in Perth to the value of $65 and receive free delivery all around the Perth metro area. If you run out of boxes, give us a call and we will do a second delivery for free. Once finished with the cardboard boxes, give us a call and we’ll come get them from the new destination;


Our boxes are made of extremely strong virgin cardboard and can be used not only for moving but also for storage purposes. We also sell archive boxes in Perth;

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