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Cardboard Box Guitar and Snap Painting
August 24, 2020 – 07:04 am

We were over Grandfather's house this past week and ended up making something again! A Cardboard Box Guitar!!! There were no plans in making just happened and Grandfather always has every kind of material at hand in his house!! Keep reading to find out how we made a "Snap Painting" from one of our guitars! Cassie had a lot fun with both activities!

This (below) was our inspiration to make the guitar. Grandfather has a dustpan with rubber bands on it to keep it flat. If you know my Father you would know everything in his whole house has a modification to it! I said to Cassie that it looked like a guitar and asked her if she wanted to make one. And that is how it all began!
Of course Grandfather had an ample supply of rubber bands and a couple boxes so we were good to go!
Do you know anyone that has that many rubber bands in their house? WOW!
Here is Cassie happily putting the rubber bands on a small wooden box. You could use a tissue box too.

Here she is making the rubber bands in the other direction!

Now happily strumming the guitar! Cassie quickly figured the sound was better with the bands going in one direction.
Well, we brought home our guitars and inspiration came to me from ! Why not just slide a paper underneath the rubber bands to use for the creation of a "Splat Painting"? So a day later that is what we did! First we took our guitar and put a paper to fit in the box. Then painted the rubber bands with tempera paint.
After the rubber band is covered with paint, snap it back and the paint will "splat" on to the paper. You can continue to keep adding paint to the bands and snapping them to create your painting! Watch because you will get "splatted" with paint too. Cassie had little specks of paint on her face!!! I suppose you could wear goggles or sunglasses!!! We found thinner rubber bands to work better too.
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