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Cardboard Wardrobe boxes :: Industrial packing

Cardboard Wardrobe boxes

Packing Tips
October 1, 2014 – 07:49 am

Pack a Wardrobe BoxBefore a move, it is always important to get all of your household items packed into sturdy cardboard boxes. There are a variety of box sizes to choose from and each box works great for certain item types. The trick is knowing what box to use for what items, and how to properly pack your belongings into these cartons so that nothing gets damaged.

Today let’s examine how to pack a wardrobe box. The wardrobe box is the largest standard sized box that most movers will carry. Corrigan’s wardrobe boxes measure 24’’ x 21’’ x 49’’ and come with a 24’’ metal hanging bar, although some movers carry a slightly smaller sized box that also works fine.

Items to Pack:

Hanging closet clothes, such as dresses, suit jackets, coats, and any other hanging shirts or pants.


The wardrobe box is specially designed to safely transport hanging clothes during the course of the move. When you are ready to pack a wardrobe box, clothes can simply be moved from your closet and hung on the box’s metal hanging bar. Because you can leave your clothes on the hanger, the boxes pack very quickly and your clothes will not become wrinkled during the move.Wardrobe Box Once you are at your new location it is easy to transfer the hanging clothes back into your new closet.

Small light items like pillows or blankets can be placed on the floor of the wardrobe carton if there is extra space. Be sure not to put too much on the floor of the box or you will wrinkle the clothes inside.

In addition to hanging clothes, wardrobe boxes can also be used to pack large unusually shaped items that still need the support of a carton for the move. Examples of items that can go into these cartons include artificial plants, garage tools like shovels and rakes, or wrapping paper rolls.

Because of the size of the wardrobe box, the carton is rather expensive. If you are looking to minimize cost, your closet hanging clothes can be removed from the hanger, folded, and packed into a medium size box.

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