Cardboard Wardrobe moving boxes

Hang Your Cloths Inside Wardrobe Moving Boxes with 24 Inch Bars
October 11, 2015 – 09:15 am
Buy wardrobe boxes to hang your clothes inside of

Why Use Wardrobe Boxes When Moving or Storing?

Wardrobe boxes with bars are a very popular because you can easily transport your hanging clothes quickly and efficiently. Since there is a bar inside of the cartons, you can rapidly move your clothes from your closet, directly to your wardrobe boxes.

In addition, these useful cartons also help protect your garments from dirt, dust, insects and damage when moving or storing.

These boxes have a closet bar inside, so it is like having a portable closet for moving.

Professionals recommend that you always pack hanging clothes inside of the “wardrobe boxes.” Packing your clothes using these strong cardboard boxes makes it very easy and fast to transport everything you have that is on a hanger, and it also make it easy to unpack.

Steps On How To Pack Wardrobe Boxes For Your Hanging Clothes:

1. TIP: Use wire hangers to maximize space inside of the carton and hang your clothes inside of the box.

-(Optionally you can place a large plastic bag around your clothes. This is helpful if you are placing your clothes in extended storage)

2. Line the bottom with shoes to utilize all areas of the box. You can also fill the box with belts and hats.

3. Seal the top of the box with tape once you are ready to move.

4. Label the outside area with what room the carton should be placed in.

-The shape of the boxes are designed to easily stack in the truck.

Consider Wardrobe Boxes For:

1. All of your bedroom closets

2. Don't forget your coat closets

3. Garage storage

4. Large items that need to be packed in a heavy taller box

5. Transporting taller plants in a U-haul keeps the truck clean and prevents dirt from spilling on your other belongings. (Many moving compnaies will not transport plants)

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