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DIY Fabric Covered Boxes
January 20, 2023 – 01:03 pm

DIY Fabric covered boxes the easy way!Fabric covered boxes are so cute! They make everything look so put together and organized, in my opinion.

I feel like I am constantly trying to de-clutter and organize my house. And I really like to try to reuse as much as possible.

A long time ago, I saved these boxes from an Amazon shipment that were the perfect size to store scrap paper AND fit in my cabinet.

Now reuse doesn’t have to be ugly – just look at my . I have been meaning to cover these in leftover fabric for literally years (the fabric is already sitting in the cabinet!) and I finally got to it.

In an effort to get my house organized and de-cluttered, I attacked a storage cabinet in my office last weekend. This is where I keep all sorts of supplies like scrap paper. My scrap paper comes from my children’s school work and fliers. So many of them are printed single-sided. I seriously shouldn’t ever need paper for the rest of my life!

Reusing cardboard boxes and making them prettyAnyway. As you know, I am a simple girl. I like DIY projects, but they must be simple! This project requires 3 things:

I looks around on the internet for other tutorials. Some called for a fabric adhesive, which I did not have, others used a glue gun, got one of those, others covered the entire box like a present, but seemed complicated. When I took out my fabric I realized I only had a long wide strip. So I went for the method that covers only the sides of the box – the only part that will be showing in my particular application. Plus, it requires less fabric!


1. Measure and cut a strip of fabric that will go around the sides of your box. Allow enough width so you can wrap the fabric inside the box and on the bottom, covering as much of the inside/bottom as you want. Line up the fabric on the side of your box. I chose to start this on a side that would not show so I wouldn’t have a seam.

2. With a glue gun, slap some glue on the box and attach the end of the fabric.

3. Wrap the fabric around your box to meet your starting point.

4. Trim the fabric length if needed. If you want you can use a little more glue to make a pretty edge. Then glue this end as well.

5. Flip your box right side up and push the fabric in the box. Secure the fabric with glue. I’d like to give you specifics, but I honestly just squirted some glue in a corner and smushed the fabric. Then went to another corner, pulled the fabric tight and did the same. I then put a few squirts of glue here and there to make the fabric secure and lay flat.

Step5 Resulting in something like this Step6Final FabricCoveredBoxes
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What are some tips for making a cardboard box without glue staples tape etc

try this link:
hope it helps.

Can a cardboard box leak glue after a time?

Only if it's holding liquid glue. -

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