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San Antonio is About to Reduce their Cardboard Footprint !
December 16, 2023 – 03:17 pm

Ecobox in San Antonio, TXYou just finished moving and you have a huge stack of cardboard boxes cluttering up the garage. What do you do with all those boxes? You don’t want to throw them away and fill up the landfill. You don’t want to store them in the garage since they take up so much room. Finally, San Antonio has a better solution.

EcoBox, the leading supplier of new and used moving boxes and shipping supplies in Central Texas has just opened a new store in San Antonio, TX (18130 US Hwy 281 North # 100, San Antonio, TX 78232). “We think San Antonio is a great city and we look forward to helping it reuse as many boxes as possible reducing the amount of cardboard that ends up in San Antonio landfills. We call it reducing your Cardboard Footprint.” explains Sam Lee, Managing Partner. EcoBox buys back used cardboard boxes from homeowners who have just completed a move and then resells the used boxes via its retail stores and ecommerce website. Used boxes typically sell for 40% less than new boxes ! EcoBox has reused over 1 million boxes since it’s founding in 1994. Any boxes that are too worn or damaged to be reused get recycled and made back into new boxes. Most of the new moving boxes sold by EcoBox are made of 100% recycled cardboard. “We really try to minimize our impact to the environment as well as the impact to your wallet by reusing boxes” explains Lee.

In addition to new & used moving boxes, EcoBox stocks a large variety of shipping materials like biodegradable bubble wrap, biodegradable peanuts, stretch wrap, tape, and 500 other shipping supplies making EcoBox a convenient source for eBay customers, Moving Companies, Self Storage companies, and anyone who ships items via the internet. “By being located at US Hwy 281 and 1604, we want to be convenient for our wholesale and retail customers to stop in and purchase any items they need in any quantity. If customers can’t stop by they can order from our website at and get free delivery with a $95min order. Used boxes delivered to your doorstep. We want to be convenient, economical, and ecological”, explains Bryan Franklin the store manager.

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