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Where to sell cardboard boxes? :: Industrial packing

Where to sell cardboard boxes?

How to Sell Cardboard for Recycling
April 2, 2015 – 10:42 am

Break down boxes before baling to make the bundles more stable.Break down boxes before baling to make the bundles more stable.

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Every piece of inventory has to be shipped at least once. Every item shipped must be boxed to protect it from the hazards of shipping. Cardboard is the most effective and cost-efficient type of box for shipping. This mass of cardboard clutters your business and packs the landfills. You can reduce the mess in your stockroom and help the environment by recycling those old cardboard boxes. Selling your old boxes to a recycling center will also bring in a small, unexpected stream of revenue. A baling machine helps compress and combine many boxes into a bundle for shipping.

Step 1

Purchase a baling machine to use for recycling at your place of business. This machine costs thousands of dollars, but recyclers pay almost double for cardboard that is already crushed and baled.

Step 2

Place your baling machine in an area of your stockroom that is near a large door. Leave a large open area around the baling machine for the staging of empty boxes and bales of compressed cardboard.

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Step 3

Arrange for a training session to be conducted by the baling machine manufacturer for your employees. Notify all of your employees that attendance is mandatory. Write a letter of certification for every employee in attendance. Keep these letters in your personnel files.

Step 4

Instruct each of your employees to take every empty cardboard box to the baling area as soon as it is empty. Assign an employee to run the baling machine each day. Stack the bales in the staging area.

Step 5

Load the bales onto a company truck. Haul the bales to a local recycling center. Turn in the cardboard and receive a check. Repeat this process periodically to keep your staging area clear and money flowing in from cardboard recycling.


  • A baling machine is a dangerous piece of equipment. Never allow anyone to operate the machine without proper training.
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