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Bubble Paper for packing :: Industrial packing

Bubble Paper for packing

Choosing Packing Supplies for Moving
February 10, 2015 – 01:41 pm

packing suppliesIf you’re moving in the San Francisco Bay Area, check out the reusable moving boxes and packing supplies from Brute Box Moving. They rent plastic moving boxes and sell packing supplies – all with free delivery to more than 75 cities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Paper is an economical choice

For many items, especially breakable plates and small knickknacks, paper is a great packaging option. Because you can use multiple pieces and paper can be crinkled to contour to the item you’re packing, it is very effective at protecting most breakable items. Paper can also be packed around items to ensure that they don’t move around inside the box.

The best part about using paper is that it is readily available. Newspaper is a great option because you can find it almost anywhere, but you can buy high-quality packing paper too. When you purchase packing paper, make sure you look for a product that is made out of recycled materials.

Bubble wrap

Sometimes, paper just won’t do. When you’re looking for packing supplies that will protect precious or expensive items, turn to bubble wrap. Although it doesn’t contour to items as well as paper does, bubble wrap does provide more protection. It also comes in large rolls, which is perfect for wrapping large items that sheets of paper just won’t cover.

It is always a good idea to wrap electronic items in bubble wrap. TVs, video game consoles, and computers should all be wrapped in bubble wrap before being placed in a box. Large, breakable items like table lamps and antiques should be placed in bubble wrap as well.

Geami packing wrap

Need packing supplies, but don’t want to contribute to landfill waste? Brute Box offer Geami packing wrap that acts a lot like bubble wrap. It offers more protection than packing paper, but it is made of biodegradable and compostable materials.

In addition, Geami wrap is much more flexible than bubble wrap. It can easily be used to wrap delicate and breakable items, like wine glasses. It also comes on a large roll, so you can double wrap extremely fragile items.

Using what you have

Finding the right packing supplies doesn’t have to be expensive! There are plenty of packing materials tucked away in the corners of your home that can safeguard your belongings without having to spend an outrageous amount of money on packing supplies.

Towels are a great option. Because of their large size, they can effectively wrap more than one item. Fluffy towels also fit snugly into boxes, which further prevents damage. Blankets and sheets can be used to wrap large items that might damage walls, such as dressers, tables, and desks.

Your closet is full of free packing supplies! Shirts and sweatshirts can protect fragile items. They can even be rolled up to act as a buffer in boxes with extra space.

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