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20 Reasons to Never Leave Home Without Duct Tape
November 16, 2015 – 08:13 pm

Duck Tape brand beach bag (image from Duck brand website).6. Mark your luggage. Get a bright roll of duct tape and stick a line on your suitcase or backpack for easy recognition on the baggage claim conveyor belt.

7. Attach extra gear to your luggage. Out of space in your suitcase or backpack but need to haul a yoga mat or snorkel and flippers? Duct tape it.

8. Produce an extra security measure for your luggage. Apply duct tape over zippers when in transit so opportunistic thieves have another barrier to get through, hopefully deterring them in the process.

9. Create flypaper. Hang strips of duct tape and wait for the buggies to disappear.

10. Waterproof your shoes. Those breathable running shoes aren’t the best when it’s raining cats and dogs. Tape up the leaky parts of shoes and keep your feet dry!

Duct Tape luggage tag11. Build a barrier to wind, cold and rain. It’s probably not the most economical or practical of ideas, but if you find yourself in a survival situation, a lining of duct tape inside your jacket and shoes can help to block out cold and trap your body heat inside.

12. Fashion yourself a bag. We talk all the time about packing stuffable bags for extra bag needs, but you could instead just make whatever bag you need… with duct tape! Need an impromptu beach bag or clutch for your night out? Yep, there are people making those. (As cool as this may be, we recommend packing those stuffable bags as a more reliable option.)

13. Create rope. Just like the clothes line, all you have to do is fold a long strip of duct tape on itself, sticky side together. This stuff is super durable.

Travel duct tape rolls- diy14. Tighten up loose power plugs. Ever notice how your chargers and adapters like to be (scarily) loose in other countries? If your gears’ plugs are falling out of the outlets, simply tape them to the wall.

15. Tape bottle caps closed. Avoid leaky nightmares in transit by applying a small strip of duct tape.

16. Hide valuables. Use duct tape to secure your passport or small valuables under your bed, nightstand, or other random place.

17. Seal food containers in transit. For extra freshness and to just keep it from spilling.

18. Tape curtains shut. If you want to block out the morning’s brightest rays in your hostel or hotel room, just add duct tape.

19. Make a sink plug. Forgot your universal sink plug at home? No worries! You can still do laundry as you go by putting tape over the drain.

20. DIY some fancy luggage tags. They’re durable and potentially cute if you invest in the right color tape!

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  • Made in USA
  • Bright & noticeable for style & safety
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  • Made in USA
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Intertape Polymer Group 6555SL 1.88-Inch by 55-Yard Utility Grade Duct Tape, Silver, 3-Pack
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  • Provides a great value price
  • Bonds to most surfaces
  • Polyethelyne coated cloth duct tape
  • Utility grade duct tape
Tape Brothers TapeBrothers Craft duct tape 18 color rainbow pack 1.88" x 10 yds on 1.5" cores
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  • 18 colors
Just For Laughs Duct Tape Mini 6 pack Polka Dots, Puppy Prints, Musical Notes, Pink Camouflage, Rainbow Leopard, and Tiger Stripes.
Office Product (Just For Laughs)
  • Mini 6 pack Polka Dots, Puppy Prints, Musical Notes, Pink Camouflage, Rainbow Leopard, and Tiger Stripes.
  • Just For Laughs Designer Duct Tape, .94 by 15 feet.
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  • Heavy duty 9 mil thickness for easy and even tears.
  • Strong adhesion to lots of surfaces like cloth, vinyl, leather, plastic, metal and laminates.
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