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Brenton's Automatic Case Packers & Case Packing Equipment
February 3, 2016 – 05:52 am

Brenton Engineering offers a variety of automatic case packing machines to ensure that your industry’s manufacturing processes are fast and effective. If you are looking for an automatic case packer, Brenton offers top load automatic case packers, side load automatic case packers, robotic automatic case packers, and automatic case packer add-ons.

The automatic case packing equipment from Brenton is designed as an upgrade from manual operations, contract packers, specialty product makers, and limited time offers. The BantamPro automatic case packer series ensures quality without quantity. Occupying similar floor space as the hand pack operations, these automatic case packing machines are efficient upgrades. The BantamPro L automatic case packer runs unattended, reducing labor costs. With a small footprint and a rugged and reliable construction, this automatic case packer is ideal for numerous industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and the personal goods industries.

Side load automatic case packers are available for flexibility, energy efficiency, and cost effective automation. When automatic case packaging equipment is on your top priority list, allow Brenton to lend a helping hand. The side load automatic case packer ranges from under 10 cases per minute to over 75 cases and trays per minute. Whatever your automatic case packing needs may be, Brenton has a machine to ensure product packaging quality. The mechanical case packer Mach-1 is an automatic case packer designed to perform multiple packaging operations, including case erecting, loading, and sealing sections within its compact footprint. Giving you automatic case packing machines with durability, Brenton ensures your products will be safe and secure.

When you need robotic case packers, the automatic case packing equipment from Brenton is the right fit. Achieving operational efficiencies through its compact footprint, space flexibilities, and unsurpassed uptime, the robotic assets are re-deployable to accommodate a wide range of sizes and product types. Designed for an array of industries, when you need automatic case packing machines, Brenton has plenty to choose from. The robotic automatic case packer allows businesses to meet super store and retail demands. If you are looking for solutions to your packaging needs, Brenton offers you competitive equipment to keep your products safe and ready for distribution.

The automatic case packer add-ons compliment the automatic case packing equipment. From the product settler and agitator and the rotary accumulator to the lane divider and automatic magazine loader, the automatic case packing add-ons are easily integrated into your case packing line. The product settler and product agitator A7 uses controlled vibration principles to avoid case over-packing, allowing the case top flaps to close without interference from the product. Serving a variety of industries, the A7 uses innovative technology to ensure precision and safety.

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