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Packing Tape Transfers

How To Do a Packaging Tape Image Transfer
April 21, 2016 – 01:06 pm

Learn how to do an image transfer from a magazine using packing tape. This is SO easy and has so many creative applications!I always love learning new techniques. Especially when it comes to creative pursuits, I’m kind of addicted to it. I’m going to really pay attention to a new technique if it’s easy, and that’s what these packing tape image transfers are. Yep, I recently learned how to do image transfers from magazines via a Creativebug class, and I’m so excited to share the results with you. I’ve been writing a lot of letters lately so I turned my transfers into awesome notecards!

But before I begin, let me tell you about how this class came to be.

michaels makersThis year DIY Candy was selected to be a Michaels Maker – a team of 50 creative bloggers working with Michaels stores who have been assembled to “fuel your creativity” through various projects. And the program started last week with an amazing Michaels Makers Summit in Santa Rosa, California:

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go due to a foot injury . . . but my blogging friends and Michaels are so sweet, they represented me anyway:

IMG_0520The summit looked like such a good time, and I wish I could have gone! My fellow Michaels Makers got to participate in four amazing classes (weaving, watercolor, paper flowers and image transfer) taught by Michaels education partner, Creativebug. Each of the classes are available online for FREE on until 8/22 (you can re-create one or all of the summit projects)!

Since I wasn’t able to attend, I was given the opportunity to try one of the Creativebug classes at home. Yes, please! I decided to tackle image transfers with packing tape.pick images Why? Well, it looked cool. And I had magazines . . . and packing tape . . . so why not?

I opened the Creativebug course on my computer and followed along. I simply selected my chosen images from magazines and smoothed the tape down on the surface, making sure not to get any bubbles within.

Then I burnished the tape to the surface with a credit card.

I tore all of my chosen images with tape on top out of the magazines.

Then I soaked them in warm water for a few minutes and the magazines literally FELL off of the tape, leaving behind images (some magazines work better than others, some need to soak longer than others).

Then I set the image transfers aside to dry.

I simply trimmed my image transfers and used embellishments I purchased at Michaels to trim out some of their Recollections notecards. Instant gratification!

IMG_6838 IMG_6840 rinsing off transfers Learn how to do an image transfer from a magazine using packing tape. This is SO easy and has so many creative applications!
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