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How-To: Packing Tape Ghost Sculptures
April 12, 2019 – 05:50 am

IMG_6196There is something about Halloween decorating that brings out the creative energy in people. It’s not quite the same as Thanksgiving and Christmas. At Halloween you get to really let your imagination run wild with all the fantastic and spooky things you can do to creep out the neighborhood kids.

I am loving these packing tape ghost sculptures, especially when lit up! These suckers are even able to withstand the damp October weather– perfect for an outdoor installation.

As I was looking for more examples of packing tape ghosts, I came across the work of Mark Jenkins. His public installations are too great– humorous and creepy at the same time. I love how he integrates his sculptures into public spaces, causing you to take a second look at what’s around you. He’s done tons of sculptures that I encourage you to check out on his portfolio website.

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