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Packing Tape VS duct Tape :: Industrial packing

Packing Tape VS duct Tape

Help us “Stick Together™” against bullying.Below are some tips and resources to help.
November 19, 2015 – 08:34 pm

Help us “Stick Together™” against bullying.
Below are some tips and resources to help.

  1. There are lots of stereotypes about who gets bullied and why. Teach your child that no matter how a person looks or acts, no one ever deserves to be bullied. Learn More
  2. 60% of bullying situations end when a peer intervenes. Encourage your child to help the target of bullying by reaching out and being kind to him/her. Learn More
  3. Know the bullying laws in your state. Visit to find out how your state addresses bullying through legislation.

"PACER's NBPC is designed to address bullying through creative and interactive resources. Duck Tape®, between its loyal brand following and interactive tour, is a wonderful community partner to us. We’re excited for the 'Stick Together™' program as it really hits home with our mission — emphasizing the importance of students supporting one another to bring an end to bullying."

Julie Hertzog, Director,
PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center

"Our students are ‘Sticking Together’ against bullying. This pledge reinforces respecting others and standing up for what's right. It provides a visual and concrete tool to help kids work together on solving problems."

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Gaffers Tape Solutions: Professional Matte Black Gaffer Tape 2"x30yds. Heavy Duty, Strong & Flexible, This Hybrid Gaff Tape Is Waterproof & Leaves No Residue When Removed. Superior To Duct Tapes It Is Perfect For Both Professional & Home Use.
Office Product (Forrest Premium Goods)
  • Premium black gaffers tape at an affordable price. Tape the Industry Professionals use & rely on!
  • Secure Untidy Cables Safe & Fast! Heavy-duty & waterproof, it can be used practically anywhere.
  • No residue or stickiness is left when removed. Extremely strong yet can be easily torn by hand.
  • A new non-reflective hybrid material. Soft to touch, gentle on equipment, strong & flexible.
  • Multipurpose tape, perfect for home, office & Professionals alike. Easily Surpasses Duct Tape!
Nice Buckeye Nice Buckeye Vintage geometric figure Engraved Leather Adjustable Length Wrap Bracelet
Jewelry (Nice Buckeye)
  • Made by durable leather
  • Handmade,fun workmanship
  • It is about 2.36 inches to 3.54 inches in diameter
  • handmade, high quality
Popular Q&A
What color is duct tape?

inicialy gray but i have once or twice seen it in black and white

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