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The Silent Killer: Suspect/Counterfeit Items and Packaging
July 29, 2016 – 06:32 pm

ANSI/ESD S20.20Over the past several years, U.S. based organizations have curtailed traditional internal verification efforts due to reliance on contract manufacturers, distributors and suppliers to do the right thing. The inspection of ESD sensitive parts is very important, but without special safeguards, the additional handling to remove and repack a product for validation can cause both physical and ESD damage in the process. For parts, including those not sensitive to static electricity, measures must be utilized to detect, inspect and validate the packaging that identifies and protects the product.

In 2010, the author was invited to speak before the NASA QLF (Quality Leadership Forum) and is the first to present on issues of suspect counterfeit ESD packaging & materials in the DoD supply chain. This speaking engagement led to numerous articles and studies on suspect counterfeit or non-compliant materials and packaging used during the manufacturing process. No longer is a supplier’s specification sheet adequate proof that an ESD packaging product is compliant to ANSI/ESD S541 or Military Standards.

Many Federal agencies employ the practice to Google Earth suppliers for verification that the business is not a pass-through entity or garage-style operation.

In Fiscal Year 2013, the Department of Homeland Security seized counterfeit goods valued at over $1.7 billion at U.S. borders. The facts are as follows (Source: )

Counterfeiting costs U.S. businesses $200 billion to $250 billion annually.
Counterfeit merchandise is directly responsible for the loss of more than 750, 000 American jobs.
Since 1982, the global trade in illegitimate goods has increased from .5 billion to approximately 0 billion annually.

U.S. companies suffer billion in trade losses due to international copyright piracy.
Counterfeiting poses a threat to global health and safety.
Approximately 5%-7% of the world trade is in counterfeit goods.

In Figure 2, the suspect counterfeit fire extinguisher could be filled with compressed air or baking soda. Increasingly, the perpetrators place human lives in the balance just to make more profit. Would the reader have confidence in using the suspect counterfeit fasteners while hoisting a soldier as illustrated in the DUSTOFF helicopter photo, illustrated in Figure 3?

In the examples provided for the fire extinguishers and fasteners, and, especially, today one must really understand the global supply chain. Another issue that organizations face is the purchase of products, off the Materials Qualification List, obtained online, in glossy catalogs that land on your desk every month, or reliance upon a vendor specification sheet without verification or validation of the manufactured good’s performance. What does the author recommend? Trust but verify!

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What is the purpose of a security tape?

Security tape is used to block off an area from the general population. One example of security tape in use is to block off a crime scene that is being investigated by police.

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