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Tissue Wrapping Paper :: Industrial packing

Tissue Wrapping Paper

November 15, 2014 – 08:13 am

wrapping-paper-ideasI love getting creative with my gift wrap. I have a slight obsession with stocking up and buying all kinds of wrapping supplies. I store up a bunch of wrapping paper, ribbon, tags, yarn, tissue paper, stickers and bows and then try to get creative with it all. I bought the most amazing and bright tissue paper from Target and wanted to do something fun with it, so I got my wrap on. Here are 3 fun and simple ways to wrap your gifts using tissue paper.


1. Cut up tissue paper into small squares
2. Fold in half and then in half again so its in a diamond shape
3. Sting some bakers twine through an upholstery needle and then thread the pieces, alternating colors.
4. Scrunch up the tissue paper

wrapping-ideasFRINGE WRAP
1. Cut two thin strips of tissue paper
2. Cut with fringe scissors
3. Add double sided tape to the back and tape in the middle fringe side out.
4. Leave alone, or top with a bow

1. Cut a 2 inch wide strip of tissue paper.
2. Fold in one side, then other other until it is one long ribbon strip.
3. Wrap around package and tape.
4. To make the pom pom: Cut out strips of different colored tissue paper.
5. Cut with the fringe scissors
6. Place on top of each other and then begin to roll it up until it forms a ball.

tissue-paper-wrapping-2 how-to-wrap-with-tissue-paper-1 wrapping with tissue paper 2 wrapping-with-tissue-paper-3
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