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Underbed cardboard Storage boxes :: Industrial packing

Underbed cardboard Storage boxes

Underbed Storage and Organizing
September 26, 2015 – 12:36 pm

Underbed storage buttonUnder the bed is the perfect place to add more storage without taking up any much needed space in a bedroom or guest room. Since moving to a smaller home with smaller bedrooms, it’s been important for me to utilize any space available and under the bed was the most obvious and convenient.

Many of you asked me where Zach kept his stuff after I wrote the post about the boy’s closet. His things are kept in totes under the bunk bed. Since Zach is older and doesn’t really have “toys”, these totes are perfect for sorting his things and keeping them organized. Since they had been used in the laundry room of my old house, they were also free.

I used chalkboard spray paint on chipboard to make chalkboard labels for the totes. If the contents of the totes change the labels can easily be changed also.

underbed storage and organizingEmilee also has storage under her bed. Her storage boxes are for out of season clothing and little used items. Because her things are only accessed a few times a year they have lids to keep the dust out. I made bed risers for her bed to raise the height of the bed so the boxes could fit easily under it. Click on the link for a tutorial of the easy to make bed risers.

When Ammon had his own room we changed the bed back to a loft bed and made a fort under it for him to play in. This is a fun option if the space under the bed isn’t needed for storage. It would also be a great space for a desk and study area.

Here are more great ideas for underbed storage.

by Home Happy Home

by Olive and Love

by BHG

by Simply Organized

We also have a rolling drawer under our bed that holds extra pillows and blankets. Rolling drawers can be purchased for as little as $20 for small ones, but can also get expensive rather quickly. If you have an old dresser you can save the drawers and DIY some yourself. The only cost would be the casters.

underbed storage and organizing 2 Ammon's walls 8.1 underbed underbed 2
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