Strong cardboard Storage boxes

Room in a box: It's cardboard, it's cheap, it's strong and it all fits in a single box.
December 30, 2014 – 05:55 pm

ImageEveryone who has gone away to university has done it- the truck rentals, the schlep to IKEA, the dragging heavy furniture up the stairs. Then, at the end of the school year, there are those piles of junk on the street, forlorn flatpacks that weren't worth carting home. As the designers of this Room in a Box note:

Our time as students were some of the most memorable and formative of our lives. Every hour spent stressing through the traditional moving process is one lost hour that could have been spent socializing and forming friendships for a lifetime.

The room in a box might change all that. It is a whole suite of furniture, including bed with storage, chair, desk and dresser, everything but the mattress. It's all cleverly designed out of cardboard and sets up in minutes. Judging from the video, it is surprisingly strong. It's recycled and recyclable. It's cheap at US$ 149 for early bird pricing on Indiegogo. And it even has wheels and a handle on the box.

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