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Cardboard box With Window

DIY Cardboard Play Mailbox
April 3, 2016 – 12:14 pm

DIY Cardboard Play Mailbox |
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Make a simple and fun Play Mailbox for your little Mail Carrier out of an old cardboard box! | littleredwindow.comOk, so for O’s Post Office Birthday Party I knew I wanted some cute little mailboxes for the kids to play with. And you know how I love to make things like this on the cheap right? Like my cardboard sewing machine? Or cardboard Thomas the Train? So when I was working on this party, O and I went to the craft store one day to buy something. And it happened to be the day they were restocking all the shelves for fall.DIY Cardboard Play Mailbox | Now since we just moved, I had been planning to make little mailboxes from one or two of the seven gazillion (not an accurate estimation) cardboard boxes we have in the garage. But they were all pretty big and pretty square which would have been fine but would have taken more work.

So imagine my delight when I spotted two perfect empty boxes in a cart in the middle of the craft store aisle. And imagine how much more delighted I was when the woman working there told me I could take them home for free! (Also imagine her super confused and skeptical face when I asked…)

DIY Cardboard Play Mailbox | littleredwindow.comLook! Aren’t they perfect! Ok, maybe you’re not as excited as I am yet. But I had a plan and tall rectangular boxes with square bases were perfect for that plan! So, here we go!

1. On two opposite top flaps, draw a semi-circle as wide as the flap. That will be the curved top of the mailbox.

2. Using an exacto knife, cut along those semi-circular lines. Then use half of the flaps you cut off and glue them inside to reinforce the semi-circle flaps and keep them standing straight up. Hot glue works great!

3. Decide which side will be the front, draw a rectangle and cut along 3 sides, leaving one tall side uncut.

DIY Cardboard Play Mailbox | DIY Cardboard Play Mailbox | DIY Cardboard Play Mailbox | DIY Cardboard Play Mailbox |
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