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Cardboard boxes packaging design :: Industrial packing

Cardboard boxes packaging design

Ingenious Cardboard Packaging Folds to Fit Parcels of Any Shape
May 29, 2015 – 02:15 pm

Excessive packaging is one of our top pet peeves here at Inhabitat, so we were really inspired by this flat cardboard sheet that is capable of conforming to the shape of any object, saving a bundle on wasteful filler. Designed by Patrick Sung, the packaging design concept features triangulated perforations that allow it to bend around odd forms. This could also save on fuel for shipping, since all of that wasted box filler is eliminated.

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We could see how the concept would not be the most practical for all applications, but it could be really great for mailing a surprise gift to a friend! Soft items like clothing or shoes, or even products that are rigid, like a funky reusable water bottle, could be perfect for this packaging. Not to mention that the perforated lines give the package an interesting graphic pattern style. There is something to be said about the efficiency of boxes that stack, which is why it is great that the sheet can also be folded into standard 6-sided boxes.

Sung has branded his concept the UPACKS (Universal Packaging System). Although it is not related to the shipping carrier United Parcel Service, the naming likeness could attract some attention for this waste reducing, “inside the box” packaging concept.

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