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Buy New/Used Cardboard Boxes & Gaylord Boxes
June 28, 2015 – 08:14 am
Cardboard Boxes

Types of Boxes

  • Obsolete, new and used boxes are available with printing or without printing to fit your needs.
  • Trays and half-slots (flapless) are also available.

Gaylord Boxes

Do you need big boxes to ship your extra large or bulk quantity items? Reliable has new and used "Gaylord" boxes which fit on a pallet and measure approximately (L) 42-44” X (W) 36-38” X (H) 36-38”. There are various styles and sizes of these extra thick boxes including boxes with top and bottom flaps or boxes with bottom flaps only.

Reliable Industries acquires obsolete, misprinted, overrun and reusable corrugated boxes from a vast network of companies across the east coast. Obsolete boxes are new boxes that are no longer used by our suppliers due to changes in packaging size, design, or product obsolescence. Reusable boxes are boxes which were used by our suppliers and contained items such as plastic bottles or caps. You can expect these boxes to be just as clean and structurally sound as new boxes.

Gaylord BoxesThe boxes we acquire are then made available for purchase to our customers who ship from their warehouses to wholesale warehouses to retail stores. Because of the wide variety of boxes we recycle from our suppliers, Reliable's customers are assured that any box they need will be available at a low cost and high quality. Whether you need a new, used, printed, unprinted, small, or large box, Reliable has it!

Of course, when packing items in boxes, there is often a need to wrap the items. To protect products, you may need bubble wrap or packing peanuts; and to seal your boxes, you may need tape, twine, or stretch film. Reliable can supply all of these packaging accessories at a much lower cost than most available sources.

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Popular Q&A
How To Find Cardboard Box Suppliers and Recycling Shops

Cardboard boxes, also called corrugated fiberboards, are boxes normally used for packaging goods and materials. They are made out of paper or paper-like substances that enable flimsy paper to be rigid. There are many uses for this, such as for drink boxes (called tetra packs), tissue paper tubes, cigarette packs, and cereal boxes. There are three broad divisions for paper-based packaging, namely paper, paperboard, and corrugated fiberboard. Paper is made out of cellulose strands from plants and dried, while paperboard is made of the same materials, but thicker. Corrugated fiberboards ar…

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