Cardboard Noodle boxes

Echo Park Artist Wants To Make Art From Cardboard Boxes, Nemesis Wants To Burn It
September 19, 2019 – 06:22 am
echo_park_sign_wars.jpgThere's a war brewing between a whimsical artist who wants to turn your trash into fun, and a grumpy grinch who wants to destroy that art.

A fun and zany artist—Robin—comes along with a sign, some packing tape and a dream. He or she posts the signs around Echo Park, requesting that neighbors give them a call or text if they have any unused, big or medium cardboard boxes. The boxes will be used for an art installation.

The sign reads:

The artwork is colorful and fun and lights up at night with reactive LEDs.

It will be installed in the neighborhood for everyone to enjoy until a velociraptor destroys it & will be documented in a book being released this fall forever (or as long as tangible matter lasts on this planet).

At the end, the artist offers to pick up the boxes.

But then, a darkness came. A second sign emerged—from someone named 'Noodles'—looking for art to destroy. Specifically, Robin's art.

The sign read:

I would prefer if the artwork is colorful and fun and creative, w/ LEDs that easy to dismantle.

It will be burned outside my home in the neighborhood for everyone I invite to enjoy & take pictures to put on instagram which you can like forever (or as long as the memories and pictures last on this planet's internet).

Then it says, "I will destroy your art."

Perhaps this is an ancient rivalry, akin to that of Mozart versus Salieri. Or perhaps Noodles just hates the idea of LED sorcery mucking up his neighborhood and attracting people to quiet streets of Echo Park, much like the people of Riverside detested one man's Halloween LED light show. Or perhaps Noodles and Robin are the same person, attempting to drum up repurposed art drama.

Either way, in the third act, Noodles and Robin will likely encounter a third enemy, larger than either of them, and that would be your local permit enforcement agency. LED light shows or public burning, you're going to need one. This could be the monster boss that brings these two artists to an uneasy truce.

Are you Robin? Are you Noodles? If you are, please send us a message describing or art or, alternatively, why you hate fun.

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