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Triple wall cardboard boxes :: Industrial packing

Triple wall cardboard boxes

Triple Wall Packaging: An Overview
July 14, 2016 – 06:04 pm

A, B, C box fluteSingle, Double and Triple wall boxes are all designed to fit different purposes and for use in different circumstances. Triple wall is the strongest and most heavy duty of the three options, so what is it that makes the triple wall box so strong, and what are triple walled boxes best used for?

The Science

The strength of any corrugated box lies within its material and its construction. Standard fibreboard corrugations have two components: the liner board and the medium. The liner board encloses the connected mediums of arched material, all cemented with strong adhesive – the sandwich like construction is where the strength of corrugation lies.

There are 5 types of standard box wall construction: these range from A-flute to F-flute – examples of the formation of A, B and C-flutes can be found below:

A-flute is the thickest gauge of corrugated card, followed by C and then B to F in alphabetical order. C-flute is the most commonly found size due to it being a happy medium between A and B-flutes. As a compromise it offers good strength but without compromising ease of use or storage.

When making multi walled boxes it is common for a combination of different flutes to be used as each category has different characteristics which can help to strengthen a box. A frequently used combination in corrugated boxes is BC, which consists of one B-flute and one C-flute – it’s usually regarded as a strong box-type and can hold very large items safely.

When dealing with heavy items a double walled box often isn’t sufficient. This is where the triple walled box comes into play.Heavy duty boxes Ideal for the storage and transport of heavy or delicate items, such as machine parts or large glassware. Triple walled boxes offer strength and protection when it is vital.

The triple layers of corrugated medium flutes and quality linerboard allows the packaging to resist bending and pressure from all directions. Even placed vertically on its ends, the box is capable of supporting considerable amounts of weight on its corrugated frame. The construction of these boxes is so efficient that they end up with durability comparable to that of wooden boxes.

Its protective properties make triple wall boxes ideal for heavy applications, large shipments and delicate items.

Triple wall box construction Triple wall boxes
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