Brown Packaging Tape

Mark Khaisman Creates Beautiful Paintings with Packaging Tape
August 19, 2016 – 09:01 pm

Philadelphia-based Mark Khaisam used to work on stained-glass windows, before discovering the packaging tape, and though the two art forms seem unrelated, the artist says they are just different ways of painting with light. As he uses up to ten layers of tape for the darkest spots on his paintings, Mr. Khaisam needs around three 100-meter packaging tape rolls per week, to complete his artworks.

The artist doesn’t sketch out the images first, as you might imagine, he simply works with stills from his favorite films, increases them to actual size, then starts adding pieces of packaging tape directly on the light boxes. Using different number of layers to create darker areas and shadows, and thinner pieces of tape to achieve brush strokes, Mark Khaisman manages to create detailed paintings that look amazingly loose.

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Brown Tape Paintings of Mark Khaisman
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Popular Q&A
How to Remove Brown Packaging Tape From PVC.

Brown packaging tape is commonly used to seal boxes and packages for moving, transport or mailing. The adhesive used on packing tape is not as strong compared to other adhesive tapes. This allows for easier removal of the tape when the package or box is opened. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a thermoplastic polymer. PVC is commonly used in construction. PVC can also be softened and used to make flexible hoses and tubes and inflatables, such as waterbeds and pool toys. Break the adhesive to get packing tape off of PVC.

What is the difference in clear packaging tape and the brown packaging tape? | Yahoo Answers

I think they stick about the same, just that sometimes you want to be able to see through the tape.

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