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Benefits of Cool’n Tape®
June 7, 2015 – 08:15 am


There is general consensus that cold application is a crucial component of the standard injury rehabilitation program – P.R.I.C.E. (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). Cool’n Tape® combines three (3) key elements of P.R.I.C.E. (Protect, Cold “Ice” and Compression).


Cool’n Tape’s unique hydro-gel system draws the heat from an affected area at an accelerated rate and assists in reaching an optimal cooling temperature. In addition, the compression component enables the heat to dissipate at a more rapid rate due to direct skin contact. This promotes the natural healing process in the body.


Cool’n Tape® is scientifically designed to operate at a cooling temperature between 15C/59F to 18C/65F degrees. This allows Cool’n Tape® to remain on the affected area for several hours, thus dramatically improving the natural healing process.


Cool’n Tape® is cold therapy, an advancement of non-drug solutions to reduce pain and inflammation. Why go through your stomach to target a sore elbow or ankle? Pain medications can have very negative side effects including ulcers, heart attack, and strokes. Cool’n Tape® provides a very effective non-pharmacological intervention for the management of pain and inflammation.


Cool’n Tape® is self-adhering and self-conforming, in other words, Cool’n Tape® can be wrapped completely around the affected area and the bandage will remain in place without the need for pins or clips making Cool’n Tape® a hands-free product allowing you to go about your day or complete your workout.


Can be used immediately out of the package. Can be brought anywhere without the need to refrigerate or freeze the product; home, cottage, boat, work place, outdoor adventure trips, etc.

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