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Taking A New Spin On Holiday Packages With Branded Packing Tape
November 11, 2017 – 01:03 pm

Custom packing tapeAfter reading this title you might be wondering why I am writing about packing tape. Businesses may not think about this angle but packing tape has a huge potential to make a fantastic first impression on your customers from a branding standpoint.

Most packages come with a packing slip and a shipping label that, often times, are hard to read. Now imagine if that same package came with both those things and also had custom printed packing tape with the company’s logo, website URL and maybe a small advertisement on it. The customer immediately knows who this package came from and sees the branding effort that the sender has put in to make this package look great.

Brand awareness is critical to any business looking to grow a presence in the market and it establishes the company as entity not just a local provider or supplier of goods and services. Custom packing tape leaves a lasting impression on the person receiving it and businesses are always looking to make a great first impression. It is one of the most underrated items in business, in my opinion. We spend hours trying to market, advertise, sell, improve our websites and landing pages and serve the customer but first impressions seem to fall in the pecking order, again, in my opinion.

Custom Packing Tape is not only for the Christmas season even though it may get used more during the holiday season. People now, more than ever, are shopping online instead of racing out to the stores braving the cold weather and the snow storms. This basically means that companies are sending out more packages than ever to their customers.

Branding needs to be prevalent from the start of the buying journey all the way to the end of the journey. Some of the big players in the market such Amazon, DHL, Dell and HP all use custom packing tape on their packages because they have seen the value in keeping the branding of their companies solid and consistent.

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Logo Tape Specialists - Brand tape
Logo Tape Specialists - Brand tape
BOPP adhesive packing tape supplier
BOPP adhesive packing tape supplier
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