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August 27, 2015 – 07:08 am
Corrugated Printing Types


With effective marketing, Sound Packaging can help you increase the branding and notoriety of your products. The packaging of your product plays a big role in brand awareness. Utilizing printing on your packaging helps people recognize your company and acts as free advertising. For this reason, choosing the right corrugated printing method for your product packaging is imperative.

Types of Corrugated Printing:

Sound Packaging offers three primary corrugated printing options.

  • Flood coated & Flexographic printing. Flexographic printing is the most common form of printing on corrugated products. It is economic and highly effective for small and large runs. Flexo printing accommodates up to six colors and allows the use of a solid 100% coverage of color. This type of printing is most commonly used with point of purchase displays and packaging for retail applications as it provides a stronger visual impact, and enables photo quality images to be used.
  • Silk & Screen printing. Screen printing will generally have a glossy finish and is often used in display packaging. Due to its high quality, it is more expensive than flexo print. This is a recommended way of applying graphic intensive images directly to the surface of the corrugated product. Screen printing is suitable and cost-effective for most small to medium size runs.
  • Digital printing. With digital printing, files containing artwork or company logos are fed directly into the printing equipment. This process involves removing plates and cutting dyes from the printing and cutting process. Digital printing is still very new.Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes Sound Packaging offers this type of printing through a third party vendor for small runs.

Having been a pioneer in corrugated packaging in the Southwest region (Phoenix, Tucson, Arizona, Las Vegas and Nevada), we understand the intricacies of printing on corrugated surfaces better than anyone in the industry. We produce quality color and imagery time after time.

As the largest independent corrugated packaging company in the Phoenix area, we design and manufacture custom corrugated boxes and point-of-purchase displays for companies large and small. If you are looking to work with the best box manufacturers, give us a call today. Find out how we can help you reduce packaging costs, contact us today for a custom packaging quote.

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