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Cardboard boxes and bubble wrap :: Industrial packing

Cardboard boxes and bubble wrap

Brief History Of Cardboard Boxes + The History Of Bubble Wrap
August 30, 2015 – 04:10 pm
the history of cardboard boxes By, a moving industry professional, author and writer. Posted on

The complicated process of moving house is packed up with so many relocation tasks that home movers’ brains often get overloaded and sometimes even overheated as a result, and consequently refuse to process any further bits of information until they get an adequate downtime to relax and cool off a little bit.

During the chaotic period of moving from one house to another, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most people take things for granted and pay little attention to some intriguing and yet cleverly disguised details about, let’s say, their packing materials.

Moving boxes and bubble wrap! These are two integral components that are present at every single house move and yet you have probably never felt the urge to obtain more information about them. Seriously, when was the last time you wanted to learn about the fascinating history of the cardboard box and the captivating history of bubble wrap?

Yes, because their histories are nothing short of fascinating and captivating!

Did you know that the modern pre-cut corrugated cardboard box was invented by an “unfortunate” accident?

Did you know that bubble wrap was originally designed as three-dimensional textured wallpaper?

Fasten your seatbelts, for we are about to take a quick trip back in time and trace the highs and lows in the development of corrugated cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. Plus, you will be treated with some hand-picked fun facts about each of the two most versatile packing supplies ever.

history of corrugated cardboard boxes history of corrugated cardboard boxes history of the cardboard box the history of bubble wrap
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Pratt Industries, Inc Pratt Polyethylene Perforated UPSable Economy Air Bubble Dispenser Box, HPM24, 100' Length x 24" Width, 5/16" Thick, Clear
BISS (Pratt Industries, Inc)
  • Polyethylene bubble cushioning material for protecting package contents during shipping
  • 5/16 bubble height for protecting medium to large items
  • Comes in a corrugated cardboard dispenser box for convenient storage and portion removal
  • Single roll with 100 for commercial applications
  • Cross-perforated every 12 for portioning without tools
Popular Q&A
What is the point of bubble wrap in boxes of chocolate?

I'm sure its because so the chocolate doesn't get broken in tow from the factory to the store, but there is no info on it.

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