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Cardboard Yarn Letter
March 12, 2015 – 11:45 am

wreath8It seems like decorative wood craft letters are all the rage right now and there are tons of projects where people paint them or wrap yarn around them. While creating a wreath, I wanted to add a “K” with yarn wrapped around it as the final touch. If you are anything like me, you probably don’t want to go out and buy a letter… so make one! Go find any spare cardboard box lying around your house (if you don’t have any, maybe it’s time to order from!)

Craft Knife
Hot Glue Gun

wreath9Start by cutting out the appropriate size of cardboard for your letter. Using a stencil or free-handing it (if you have really steady hands) cut out your letter using a craft knife.

For this particular letter, I only used one layer of cardboard, but if you want a thicker letter you can glue two pieces of cardboard together and then cut it out.

Next, glue the tip of your yarn to the back of the letter starting as close to the top edge as possible. There are various methods for wrapping the letter in yarn, but I would suggest wrapping the yarn vertically first.

Make sure that at each edge of the letter you are securing the yarn with a dab of glue so it does not slide out of place. Each letters difficulty will vary. If your name starts with an “I”, consider yourself lucky. I unfortunately, was blessed with a rather complicated letter.

Once you finish wrapping the yarn vertically on one side of the letter, cut and glue the end in place (on the back side). Now you can start wrapping the yarn horizontally, and again, gluing often so the yarn doesn’t slide or move around. You will want to work on each part of the letter section by section, don’t expect to just wrap the whole thing in one shot…. Unless your name starts with I… Lucky you.

wreath10 wreath11
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