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Industrial packing Tables :: Industrial packing

Industrial packing Tables

Packing and Shipping Workbenches for Manufacturing
October 17, 2015 – 12:37 pm

Packing Workbenches Designed For Productivity

Formaspace packing workbenches and custom material handling workstations offer efficient, integrated packaging solutions for high throughput and maximum efficiency in a wide variety of material handling situations.

Formaspace packing stations are designed with standard surfaces or roller ball conveyors, with or without flush mounted scales so your workers never have to risk injury via heavy lifting. Formaspace roller bars offer easy storage of frequently used packing material such as packing paper or bubble wrap to keep your products moving. Bin rails offer quick storage for smaller materials. Custom cubbies and side tables offer optimized product flow to maximize your efficiency and boost productivity.

The efficiency, safety, and durability gains of Formaspace material handling solutions easily justify the small added up front investment in design.

Packing and Shipping Workbench Features:

  • Organizes product flow, meeting 5S/6S and ISO 9001:2002 requirements
  • Maximizes expensive floor space
  • Boosts productivity by up to 50%
  • Raises worker morale
  • Improves safety by reducing workplace injuries

Workbench Applications:

  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Part Handling
  • Final Inspection
  • Boxing and Crating

Packing and Shipping Workbench Features

  • * Fully welded as well as bolt-together designs available
  • * Spool Holders
  • * Roller & Transfer Ball Tops
  • * Scale Cut Outs and Scale Shelves
  • * Shelf Dividers and Cubbies

Formaspace Industrial Workbenches. A few standards. Unlimited possibilities.

Formaspace industrial workbenches are built based on a few simple standards which can be easily configured for a wide variety of purposes.

Workbenches For Productivity

Formaspace will help you design a modern industrial furniture solution for efficiency and productivity in your specific task, ensuring your workers never have to reach outside their immediate space to complete their common objectives. Designing for productivity alone can more than recoup the cost of Formaspace products, and we often find that Formaspace designed facilities become the envy of their companies.

Workbenches For Your Task

Your Formaspace design consultant will work with you to design modern industrial furniture built exactly to your needs, at about the same price as standard knock-down workbench furniture.

Workbenches Designed for Safety

We will design for safety, to ensure a minimum of lost time injuries, even in high-throughput, multi-shift operations.

Workbenches for Durability

Formaspace offers the world's most durable benches, and backs them with the industry's most comprehensive warranty. It's that simple!

Workbenches for Aesthetics

We design for aesthetic appeal, using the industry’s best materials to ensure long-lasting walk-through appeal that will impress the most reticent executives.

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