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November 13, 2015 – 08:10 pm
Style 98 Valve Packing

TFE Fiber Packings

Style 98 Valve Packing

Manufactured from TFE filament treated with TFE suspensoid as a solid non-shrinking lubricant, this dry packing is the most dense braid we offer. Style 98 is inert in all services and is impervious to penetration by liquids or gasses.

ANTI-KEYSTONE II TechnologySM allows easy conformance to the shaft or valve stem, resulting in lower gland pressure. The TFE lubricant has the lowest friction coefficient for any solid, which reduces breakaway friction in valves and assures long life.

Applications for Style 98 include rising and rotating valve stems, slow speed pump shafts or rods, and mixers.

Services which may require Style 98 include the harshest chemical solutions, steam, solvents, and cooking liquors (except molten alkali metals or free halides).

Style 100 Ultra Teflon Filament Yarn PackinpH 0-14 surface speeds to 700 fpm (3.5 M/sec)pressures to 5000 psi (341 BAR)
temperatures -400F to +500F (-230C to +260C)
Style 98 meets the requirements of MIL-P-24398 (SHIPS), Type B, 15 SEP 70

Style 98-OX TFE Oxygen Service Packing

Style 98-OX is braided from a special solvent and heat-treated TFE yarn for use in contact with pure oxygen. The solvent treatment removes any hydrocarbon dispersant used in the TFE suspensoid added as a solid lubricant to the TFE filaments of the yarn. The heat treatment ensures that traces of solvent residues are evaporated. Style 98-OX has the same limitations, application, and service range as Style 98.

General Service Pulp and Paper Mill PackingStyle 98-OX meets the requirements of MIL-P-24398 (SHIPS), Type C, 15 SEP 70

Style 100 "Ultra" Teflon Filament Yarn Packing

Style 100 is the ultimate in white Teflon fluorocarbon fiber packings. "Ultra" is densely constructed with ANTI-KEYSTONE II Packing TechnologySM, from 100% pure DuPont "Ultra" I & T Teflon packing yarn. Containing Teflon fluoroplastic filaments and thermally conductive, corrosion resistant reinforcing fibers which are heat conductive compared to normal white TFE yarns, "Ultra" is uniformly impregnated with Teflon suspensoid and treated with an inert lubricant. The addition of the thermally conductive reinforcing fibers allows "Ultra" to be run at the highest surface speed of any white Teflon fiber packing.

Applications The chemical inertness of Style 100 provides high speed non-contaminating sealing where harsh fluids must be contained such as pumps, agitators, mixers, bleach washers, and on rising or rotating stem valves.

Style 106 White Nomex Fiber Rubber O-Ring Cord Rubber O-Ring Cord Packing Packing for insulated soot blowers
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