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Industrial packing Stations :: Industrial packing

Industrial packing Stations

From heavy-duty metal workbenches to sophisticated modular benches and shop desks
June 24, 2017 – 12:40 pm

Testing & Assembly Workbenches

Basic Industrial Workbenches

Good looks with heavy-duty, 16-gauge square tube legs and many modular accessories make this a great choice for warehouse, production and lab areas. Unbeatable price vs. quality ratio. Many accessories and add-on options available. Capacity: 1, 000 lbs.

Cantilever Workbenches & Workstations

Cantilever workbenches and workstations from Pro-Line and Bostontec offer plenty of choices in how to fit out your basic workbench or station from casters or glides to power strips and whiteboards to improve productivity and efficiency.

Industrial Steel Workbenches

Eight different bench tops in steel, hardwood, plastic, or graphite are sure to fit your every application need. Ideal for garage, manufacturing, warehouse, or shop. All have 2, 500 lb capacities and offer a variety of add-ons to fit your needs.

Stainless Steel WorkbenchesShipping Workstations

Easily access shipping schedules, prepare manifests, manage and store paperwork and reference materials - all making certain that product flows smoothly. Organize product flow and boost shipping times with this properly-configured shipping station.

Double Wide Workbenches

A heavy duty side-by-side workstation with a 96" wide 12-ga. steel top. These Double Wide Workbenches offer fixed 34"h flared leg or 29" to 38"h adjustable leg styles. All have 1000 lb. capacities and offer a variety of add-ons to fit your applications.

Testing & Assembly Workbenches

Great bench concept for assembly and testing applications - creates ample working space while giving assembly technicians access to stored parts, computers, and more. Puts supplies, computers, and efficient storage right at worker's fingertips.

Heavy Duty Steel Workbenches

Rock-solid foundations for tough work in shops, machine rooms, manufacturing floors, maintenance facilities, assembly lines, warehouses. All-welded construction handles the stress of heavy loads like motors, dies, and hefty components. Capacity: 2, 000 lbs.

Over-Conveyor WorkstationsMetal Workbenches - Drawer & Cabinet

A high degree of configuration flexibility gives you the exact storage options you want. Choose stacked drawers and cabinet pedestals. Steel Tops and Tuff Tops can be set up individually or joined in long rows using common supports to make more leg room.

Mobile Powered Workstations

These carts with on-board power enable label printing for shipping and shelf stock, or computer integration with WMS and RFID systems for inventory management. Move from dock to dock processing inbound or outbound shipments.

Penco Industrial Steel Workbenches

Great for use in assembly operations, mechanical, manufacturing, and more. A rugged, economical, rock-solid work surface in either steel or resin top surface. Fixed height and adjustable height legs available in all sizes. All models are in-stock and ready to ship.

Wall Mounted Workbench

An ideal space saving solution for your garage, tool crib, warehouse, or work shop. Easily mounts to floor and wall, instantly creating a strong and durable workspace. A variety of tops in steel, wood, laminate, or graphite are sure to fit your needs.

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