Packaging Tape Gun

Better Packages' Electric Water-Activated Tape Dispenser
February 12, 2014 – 09:30 am

This month has been a flurry of packing cardboard boxes with gifts, as all of you prepare to send our excellent Gift Guide selections to loved ones around the world. Even if you had no experience with a tape gun in November, you're probably a pro with it by now; but how do the real pros seal boxes? Surely they don't futz around with tape guns like the rest of us?

Folks in packaging facilities are more likely to use machines like the Better Pack 555eS, an electric water-activated tape dispenser. (To be clear, the tape is what's water-activated, not the dispenser.) The operator punches in the length of the seam to be sealed, and the machine then spits out a slightly longer strip of "water-activated"—i.e. gummed—tape that forms an actual chemical bond with the cardboard.

The benefits versus plastic tape are multi-pronged: The reinforced gummed tape is hardier and you can print on it, as we've all seen with Amazon packages; not having to use a tape gun supposedly cuts down on repetitive stress injuries; and the tape itself is recyclable. Here's Better Packages, Inc.'s pitch video:

And here's a video from a customer that's switched over and found the Better Pack machine superior to the old method:

Plastic packing tape, however, is still more convenient for restraining captured intruders that you need to bind to a chair until the authorities arrive.

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3M Office Products Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape with Heavy Duty Dispenser, 1.88 Inches x 54.6 yd (3850-ST)
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  • Scotch brand is the #1 packaging tape in America, with over 75 years of consistent performance.
  • Scotch packaging tape unwinds smoothly and easily; resists splitting and tearing, adheres instantly and has a strong film backing
  • Extreme holding power for heavy tasks; adheres instantly, ideal for packaging overstuffed cartons
  • Meets US Postal Service regulations for standard packages, tape made in USA
Tach-It Tach-It MN2 2" Wide Economical Tape Gun
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  • All Steel Frame
  • Adjustable Tape Brake
  • Heavy Duty Blade
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Packing Tape for Moving with Dispenser Included Ultra Adhesive Packages Professional Sealing - This Clear Packaging Tapes Fits Any Professional or Industrial Dispenser Gun and Perfect for Mailing Storage Shipping High Quality Materials At Best Price (Set of 6)
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DKpacking Packing Tape Clear 2" x 110 yards 360' ft Carton Sealing Packaging Tapes Heavy Duty Premium Quality Strong Grip by DKpacking (6 Pack)
Office Product (DKpacking)
  • All-purpose, Strong Grip, Heavy Duty, Premium Quality Clear Packing Tape
  • Extra Long Length 110 yards (360 feet/100 meters)
  • Easy to dispense and great quality of tape, perfect to use in office, home and industrial
  • his tape is approved for use with all major shipping carriers, including UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS and more.
  • Perfect Size for 2 inch taping gun dispenser
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