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Packs of Tissue Paper :: Industrial packing

Packs of Tissue Paper

Cutting Slippery Fabrics with Tissue Paper
June 23, 2016 – 05:01 pm
You’ll have a tissue layer on the bottom, the two layers of silk, and the second layer of tissue on the top.

Next, place your pattern pieces on top of the tissue/fabric sandwich, using the selvage or fabric fold to align your pattern grainlines as usual.

Then just cut around your pieces! There’s no need for special scissors or anything. The tissue paper keeps the layers in place, making cutting a breeze.

Look at those neat edges of the cut pieces.

Now that your fabric is cut, you can also use the tissue pieces as a stabilizer while stitching seams. Leave the tissue piece on your bottom piece as you’re sewing, and it will feed through your machine as easily as quilting cotton.

Then just rip away the tissue paper from the seam. Sew with a short stitch length (like 2.0 mm) to make tearing the paper more perforated and easier to tear away. Keep some tweezers handy to pick out any stubborn bits of tissue.

That’s it! This method is fabulous for all sorts of slippery silks, like charmeuse, chiffon, georgette, etc.
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Tissue Papers
Tissue Papers
Tissue Paper Pack.AVI
Tissue Paper Pack.AVI
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