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At Maine Shipping and Packaging Supply we like to take every caution and cover every aspect of packaging and protecting your products. We understand that your customers have more important things to think about than wondering if their product is safe. But we don't only want to sell you boxes and sealing tape, we want to give you the peace of mind that you get from knowing that your product won't be rolling on the bottom of a delivery truck because sub par carton sealing tape hasn't done its job.Industrial sealing tape and tape dispenser When it comes to industrial tape, carton sealing tape, filament tape, paper tape and printed tape, you can rely on Maine Shipping and Packaging Supply to deliver quality, value and peace of mind. Not only do we offer quality industrial tape, carton sealing tape, filament tape, paper tape and printed tape but we also feature an extremely diverse inventory of other tapes to suit nearly any application from domesti to industrial.

Industrial Tape

In our experience, one kind of tape that seems to always be in demand is industrial tape. We carry a wide variety of industrial tapes including Teflon tape, industrial reinforced tape, industrial filament tape, industrial duct tape, industrial masking tape, polyethylene double sided foam tape, industrial electrical tape, industrial aluminum foil tape and many more shipping and packaging supplies. Chances are, if there is an industrial application that requires tape-we have the tape to get the job done.

Industrial Adhesive and Sealing TapesA few examples of industrial applications for our tape include:

  • General industrial applications
  • General purpose protection for hot wire contacts
  • Industrial tapes for carton sealing applications
  • Permanent applications such as mending and splicing
  • Splicing
  • Tape for applications requiring adhesion to plastics
  • Tapes to adhere at high temperature
  • Tapes to bond to any surface
  • And much more...

Filament tapes for sealing boxesCarton Sealing Tape

The safety of your product is important, therefore so is quality carton sealing tape. We are happy to provide customers with dependable and affordable carton sealing tape in a variety of compositions and sizes.

Our varieties of carton sealing tape include:

  • Industrial hot melt carton sealing tape - Easy to apply pressure sensitive polypropylene tape for efficient volume packaging. Hot melt carton sealing tape provides excellent performance on over-stuffed and irregular containers while remaining easy to use and extremely effective
  • Industrial acrylic carton sealing tape - perfect for long term storage when shelf life is important. Acrylic carton sealing tape has excellent clarity and a strong adhesive grip (especially to recycled corrugated material)
  • Industrial natural rubber carton sealing tape - natural rubber carton sealing tape has the best adhesion strength of any pressure sensitive tape and provides consistent and reliable sealing while being moisture resistant and easy to apply
  • Colored carton sealing tape - colored carton sealing tape is a reliable way to seal your product while giving it a unique appearance
  • Pre-printed carton sealing tape - Saves you time by communicating handling and other instructions while sealing the package at the same time, eliminating the need for extra labels.

Filament Tape

At Maine Shipping and Packaging Supply we also offer a varied selection of filament tapes. In addition to being strong,
Questions about industrial tapes and dispensers? Industrial Adhesive Tapes and Dispenser Industrial tapes and boxes Shipping and Packaging Printed Tapes
Packing Tape for Moving with Dispenser Included Ultra Adhesive Packages Professional Sealing - This Clear Packaging Tapes Fits Any Professional or Industrial Dispenser Gun and Perfect for Mailing Storage Shipping High Quality Materials At Best Price (Set of 6)
Office Product (ZITRIOM)
  • PACKING TAPE with Highest Quality at The Best Price on AMAZON
  • PERFECT TAPE for Moving All-season Adhesive For Excellent Holding Power During Extreme Hot or Cold Temperatures
  • ULTA STICKY TAPE - Made With Highest Quality Materials Available
  • LIFETIME No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee
tuf tape Long Lasting Clear Packaging Tape Industrial Strengh 1.89 In. X 109.4 Yd. Per Roll, 6 Rolls Extra Long by tuf tape
Office Product (tuf tape)
  • heavy, duty, packaging, tape
  • carton, sealer
  • clear, packaging, tape
  • packing, tape
  • ,packaging, tape, 110, yards,
Royal Imports Royal Imports 2.0 Mil thick 2 Inch x 110 YDS (330 FT) PVC Clear Packaging Tape 6 Rolls
Office Product (Royal Imports)
  • HIGH QUALITY CLEAR PACKING TAPE: 3 Inch core- Width: 2 inch. Length per roll: 110 yards (330 feet). Thickness: 2 mil. Core: 3 inch- 6 rolls sold per purchase
  • BUILT TOUGH TO RESIST BREAKING AND SEAM SPLITTING: Whether you are moving or shipping packages you will have the peace of mind knowing that your package will arrive...
  • MULTI PURPOSE TAPE: Suitable for home,commercial, industrial, moving, shipping, storing, and basically anything that needs to be sealed.
  • TAPE DISPENSES QUICKLY AND EASILY: You can use the tape with any tape dispenser or as is, it will withstand all temperatures and each roll of tape will have a consistent...
Uline Uline Industrial Side Loader Tape Dispenser - 3"
Office Product (Uline)
  • Uline 3 Tape Kit Dispenser and Tape Rolls
  • Kit Includes: Uline 3 Industrial Side Loader Tape Dispenser + (2) Rolls of 3 x 110 yards Clear 2 Mil Uline Industrial Tape
  • Strong and Wide Tape; Tapes a Box With One Application of the Tape Gun
  • Great Kit for Moving, Packing, Storage, and Warehouse Needs
  • Both Rolls are Guaranteed to Fit Included Tape Dispenser!
BONISON 4 Rolls Bonison Beige Strong Heavy Duty Long Lasting Moving & Storage Packaging Parcel Tape(2.36 Inches X 100 Yards/60MM*91.4M)
Office Product (BONISON)
  • Best packing tape for boxes! Superior Quality - Durable - Heavy Duty - Beige Strong Adhesive!
  • Perfect packing tape for everyday use! Size: 2.36 x 80 yards(60mm*91.4m)
  • Multi-functional: Great packing tape for moving boxes or packing tape for office use.
  • Easy to find by going golden in color. Clear parcel tape is also available.
  • Extra Sticky: Very hard to see small bubbles in the tape enhances the stickiness of the tape. Recycling your boxes by reusing? No need to worry if you are in need...
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