Industrial packing Peanuts

StarchTech's Sustainable Packing Peanuts
January 25, 2016 – 04:01 am

Packaging Products with Sustainable Solutions

  • A fast, easy and inexpensive way to pack
  • Naturally non-toxic and anti-static
  • Won’t deflate in air shipments
  • Cushions around sharp, fragile or odd shaped products.
  • Remains securely around the product; no snapping or product migration to the bottom of the package.

StarchTech’s sustainable packaging material is a corn starch based loosefill packaging peanut that is biodegradable is water, soil and both home and industrial compost settings. This product has long been accepted by the packaging industry and has stood the test of time to provide a fast, consistent, and economical way to cushion your products for shipping.

Reusable, compostable or simply disposed of by dissolving it in a sink or tub with hot water, StarchTech’s sustainable packing peanut eliminates the negative environmental impact of plastic packing peanuts, air bags and bubble wraps. It is non-toxic and safe for pets and children. From the manufacturing process to a consumer’s home, these sustainable packing peanuts minimize their environmental impact at every step.

Companies world-wide are packing their products with our sustainable, naturally anti-static packing material. These companies include industries such as toys, pet and aquatic products, glass, electronics, nutraceuticals, candles, tool and die manufacturers and more. This cushioning material fills in every corner of the box cushioning and protecting products of all shapes and sizes.

The environment of tomorrow depends upon what we throw away today. StarchTech’s sustainable packing peanuts provide a land fill free option for a growing problem in our “order and ship” world. Whether you’re using 5 bags or 50, 000 bags, StarchTech will fit your product, the environment and your bottom line.

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Henkel Duck CareMail Biodegradable Peanuts, 0.34 Cubic Feet (1092722)
Office Product (Henkel)
  • Dissolves in water-won t pollute ground water!
  • Made from 99% renewable resources- corn/potato starch
  • The anti-static properties in these, all natural peanuts make shipping and receiving much more appetizing
  • Lightweight peanuts won t stick, cling or create any unwanted mess
  • Proprietary shape provides a stronger cushioning, reduced migration and increased stability
Packing Peanuts
Packing Peanuts
Henkel Caremail EcoPacking 3-Ply Cushion Fill Protective Packaging Filler, 0.31 Cubic Feet (1092723)
Office Product (Henkel)
  • 3-ply kraft strands have a patented fold that provides excellent shock absorption
  • High performance protective packaging expands up to 3 times in volume
  • Static-free, dust-free and hassle-free
  • Made from 100% total recycled content and 90% post-consumer
  • Recyclable with mixed papers
Bauxko 1 cu/ft White Biodegradable Packing Peanuts
Office Product (Bauxko)
  • Industrial Grade
  • Various Materials to Choose From
  • Most Products Ship Same Day
  • Protects Package Content
  • 1 Bag
Aviditi Aviditi 7NUTSW 7 Cubic Feet Virgin Polystyrene Industrial Loose Fill, White
BISS (Aviditi)
  • Polystyrene packing peanuts cushion contents on all sides
  • Interlocking shape prevents contents from settling
  • Economical, fast and easy to use void fill
  • Made from white virgin polystyrene
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